The Greatest Shoe Ever Made

It has been called the greatest shoe ever made. Man! That is a lot of hype to live up to for a shoe! But, a strong argument can be made that the Nike Air Force One is the greatest shoe ever made. Produced in over 2,000 colorways and counting, the Air Force One was the first sneaker to use the Nike “Air” technology. The sneaker was named after the Air Force One airplane that is used by the President of the United States. It is virtually impossible to track how many versions of the shoe exist. It has been rapped about by more than one famous R&B artist. Hype be gone!

The Nike Air Force One was originally made for the basketball hardcourt. It was produced as a mid-top basketball shoe and subsequently as a low-top sneaker. Technology in footwear certainly has come a long way. Especially when it comes to performance footwear for basketball players. There are now Air Jordans and the Hyper series(i.e.Hyperdunks, Hyperfuses, etc.) that Nike offers as high performance basketball shoes. And, high performance they are. The Air Force One has not been seen near a basketball court since, well, the 80’s.

On the other hand, as a casual shoe there is no equal. The Air Force One has used denim, patent leather, and horse hair among many other as elements of their production. Some versions of the shoe are classy enough to be worn as a dress shoe. As a casual shoe, these are certainly are Nike shoes, basketball shoes they are not. And that’s alright.

The ultimate compliment that a shoe, any shoe, can be given is personalization. Not only can you personalize the greatest shoe ever made, but to do so, there is only one place that you can do it in the entire country. 21 Mercer in New York City. 21 Mercer is a one of a kind NikeiD Studio. Here, you have the opportunity to use a large variety of colors, styles, and materials to create your dream kicks. In addition, at this one of a kind sneaker shop you can take advantage of a program they call Bespoke. Bespoke offers 1 on 1 consultation with a Nike designer to create a one of a kind sneaker. And it is one of a kind, you are the only one you makes it and the only one who wears it. But be prepared to spend some money, a Bespoke Air Force One can cost you up to $1,000.

If the “greatest” is measured in both quantity and quality, the Nike Air Force One measures up. If calling the Air Force One the greatest is taking it too far, it would be more than fair to say this shoe is the best sneaker ever made.

The Gradient Kobe Bryant Shoes

Snake-skin textures, bright colors, camouflage, and three dimensions. What the hell am I talking about? The above mentioned designs have all been used on the uppers of the Kobe VI. The shoe that has continued to pump out the most creative designs on the face of the planet. That’s right. Nothing has changed. Nike continues to drop the sickest kicks that sneakerheads have ever seen. So, what’s next? The gradient colorway, originally seen on the Kobe IV, is what is next, and it is making a return in the very near future.

Although it has been seen on models earlier this year, the Kobe VI “Gradient” is a relatively new concept and features an extremely unique look that uses a classic Laker colorway of purple and yellow. The upper on the outer side of the upper on both shoes features purple that slowly blends into a solid yellow that covers the inside of the upper on again, both shoes. White is used on the Swoosh and also as accents on the midsole and heel-cup.

The snakeskin textured upper that Nike uses on the Kobe VI has literally turned the shoe into a canvas that has been used to create works of art. Intentionally or not, Nike has in effect, produced a three dimensional element that has been used to release the most creative colorways ever seen on a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes. Or any basketballs shoe for that matter. There is just something about the snakeskin material that makes this shoe pop!

And when I say canvas, I really mean it. As in artist or painter… Some of the Kobe Bryant shoes and specifically the Kobe VI’s are very nearly paintings. Here’s an example for you, a concord colored pair of VI’s was released during last year’s NBA All-Star festivities that blended a Los Angeles skyline, complete with skyscrapers into the upper of the shoe. The Kobe VI “Orange County” is another shoe that feels more like a Picasso than a sneaker. The different shades of orange that are blended into the upper to create the image of a California sunset create a truly masterful piece of art.

The new Kobe VI Gradient is just one more example, among many, of the most innovative and creative designs that is currently being dropped on us by Nike. Again, what truly makes this shoe pop is the texture of the upper that creates a three-dimensional look and allows a multiple of colors to be used to create one of a kind designs. Nike shoes for basketball are not just shoes, they are works of art.

Why Everyday Young People Are Looking for Wholesale Nike Shoes at Reasonable Prices

The first line of Nike shoes was launched in the year 1964. They are a worldwide trader in sportswear and other related equipments manufacturer. They are world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Any major sports event you witness and there is hardly a time when this brand is not featured amongst the players. Many famous sportspeople have been endorsing Nike products on the electronic media for some time now. It has a huge market around the world and a lot of youngsters and people of almost all ages and sex are loyal to this brand because it has lived up to its name all these years. It sells its products to retail accounts, through NIKE-owned retail, including stores and internet sales also including a mix of independent distributors in over 170 countries around the world.

Since it is the brand tagged to the sneaker the end price of the shoe always sums up to substantially higher rates. However, there are alternatives of attaining the same Nike sneaker slashed down prices. These shoes are the wholesale versions of our very own Nike sneakers. Wholesale shoes are manufactured in countries like China and since the labor is cheap in that particular country the cost of production are also substantially cut down. To acquire shoes directly from these wholesale manufacturers is the best way to acquire unbelievably low discounted rates on your favorite brand of shoes. It is devoid of the middlemen in the form of retailers who add on rates to the final product that include taxes and shipment rates.

Your ultimate source of getting in touch with these wholesalers is via the internet. The internet is a huge base for many transactions these days. Most businesses are conducted online and since accessing the internet is done at negligible costs it is a profitable form of sale for both the marketers and the consumers. They showcase all their products on their respective websites so that you have ample of exposure to all the goods they offer and can choose wisely the design of your choice from the host of sneakers made available. The quality of the product is no different from the original so when you do actually buy the product you become the proud owner of a pair of Nike shoes that no can actually make out that they were bought at such discounted rates.

You have a wide variety of wholesale Nike sneakers So go ahead and be the smarter one who knows to buy the best shoes at the best rates.

SaleHoo – Buy Designer Clothes at Cheap Rates on SaleHoo Liquidation Sales and Start Your Own Trade

If you are thinking to start your own designer clothes business but you’re afraid to do so because you’re thinking that this kind of business is expensive, then it’s time for you to face the reality behind this clothing business thing. The fact is that you can actually set up your own designer apparel business without spending too much cash, you only need to find a legitimate online directory that can give you reliable suppliers for your business.

Almost all people are aware of the fact that designer clothes are always very expensive because of some clear reasons like quality, material and huge advertisements. Most of the big businesses invest a large sum of cash on their products for advertising as well as for quality control. Most of the folks love to wear designer clothes, but they usually don’t prefer to purchase them because of their soaring prices. Most of these folks are looking for liquidation sales on SaleHoo where they can purchase such clothing at wholesale rates.

Many business persons believe that SaleHoo is one of the most popular wholesale directories worldwide. This directory has got almost eight thousand providers including drop shippers, wholesale suppliers, liquidators and manufacturers in its list. All of the providers on their list are verified and their details are updated from time to time. So if you are planning to set up your own designer clothes business, then you can easily pick a suitable provider or a liquidator through this directory and you’ll be able to get them at cheap prices.

An apparel store announces liquidation or closeout sales whenever it wants to get rid of its old items or plans to shut down. Sometimes if the store manager feels that the items or products have become out of fashion and he could not move them further he will try to offer them in liquidation sales. It is said that liquidation sales takes place due to over stocking or over production as well. You can make use of such liquidation sales where you’ll get original and authentic apparel at a dead cheap rate. The items will be error free and new with their labels and tags attached. You can even market them at factory prices and make good amount of cash. The price of the product decreases proportionately with the increase of its quantity. You can get all hot brands such as Timberland, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Prada and Nike and all varieties like trousers, slacks, T-shirts etc.

As liquidation sales require only little investment for buying the designer wears to sell, they are perfect for businesses that have just started. You can easily find them at SaleHoo and you are sure to sell them very quickly. When you buy designer wears from liquidation sales, you don’t have to worry about licensing and other papers as they will cost very low. With SaleHoo you can easily have your own designer clothes business without hassles.